Valley of Green Memories by Samudra Ratwatte

Valley of Green Memories by Samudra Ratwatte

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A blend of touching memories Following her very appealing first book "Tea and Memories", which gave a new understanding of life on the tea plantations at a time before the transition from foreign to Sri Lankan ownership, a discovery to most Sri Lankans, author Samudra Ratwatte, now takes the reader to the wider experiences of her life from childhood to the age of retirement.

In a broad sweep that goes from touching childhood memories of Kandy, and her grandmother's home in the colourful days gone by, this "Valley of Green Memories" takes one through her school days in Colombo, with the fears and excitement of wartime, and the lasting memories of days gone by at Bishop's College. You are taken through the traditions of Kandyan courtship and marriage, the warmth of family, and to deeper aspects of colour and fascination in the world of tea plantations, bringing an appealing touch of the mix of foreign and Sri Lankan planters, their work, sports and relaxation. She shares her taste for the best of culinary art, traditional and western, with memories of the best laid tables and recipes, too.

This is a read that takes you through times that have been little touched by writers on Sri Lankan life; with the promise of awakening memories of the high ranges of tea clad mountains, rapidly vanishing aspects of schools, teaching and learning, and the once living traditions in the Kandyan hills.

It will give an enriching new blend to one's knowledge of Sri Lankan life, presented with remarkable style and character in writing.